Joey van Gemert

Joey van Gemert

Project manager


In order to support the client's message as well as possible, Mansveld Expotech has advised and installed the entire technology, both visible and invisible. During the opening of the event a presentation was given to all attendees. The presentation was supported by a 10,5m by 6m LED screen consisting of 3 parts with different depths. Throughout the hall several monitors were hung with all different outputs so everyone could follow the presentation. Furthermore, the presentation was supported by a light show which was directed by Mansveld Expotech, just like the video and audio.

At the reception Mansveld Expotech took care of the truss construction to highlight the different stalls that were there. At a number of stands visitors were invited to experience the new developments of GoodHabitz. Light, trusses, screens and power points were connected for these stands.

For the GoodHabitz event, Mansveld Expotech realised:

  • LED screen of 10.5m by 6m consisting of 3 parts with different depths
  • 2x 84" & 4x 65" monitor with all different outputs
  • Whole video direction
  • Entire light direction/show
  • Whole audio direction
  • Technique in the reception area/ drinks/ afterparty
  • 2x breakout room with video, audio, lighting