Joey van Gemert

Joey van Gemert

Project manager


Plenary session
Before the start of the hackathon the day is kicked off with a general presentation and explanation of the assignment. During the presentation over 500 people were present. To support the presentation Mansveld Expotech realized the projectors, projection screens, sound, lights and camera registration to be able to look back at the assignment.

During the hackathon Mansveld Expotech realized the flow and data infrastructure for 50 groups of 10 people. One of the challenges is to build the facilities in such a way that they can cope with the enormous load. 

Hospitality area
In addition to the hackathon, Mansveld Expotech installed the technology for the hospitality lounge. In this room, equipped with a kitchen and DJ booth among other things, Mansveld Expotech took care of the lighting, sound and power supply. MX also supplied monitors so that the hackathon can be followed from the hospitality area.

Special features
TomTom was looking for a partner that could not only deliver the technology, but could also build it up within a limited time. For the TomTom hackathon, Mansveld Expotech installed all technology in 24 hours and dismantled it within 12 hours. 

For the hackathon of TomTom, Mansveld Expotech provided the following technique:

  • Projectors
  • Monitor
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Camera registration
  • Power network
  • Data network