Opbouw Polo Brabant 2019

Types of events

The type of events we can technically support is diverse:

  • Business openings
  • Sports events
  • Product presentations
  • Conferences and knowledge symposia
  • Relationship events
  • Hackathons
  • Company events

Our services

The technique involved in temporary events is divided into three categories:

  1. Light: from a single spotlight to a suspended construction with moving light and a smoke machine to bring a staff party to life.
  2. Image: from a presentation on multiple screens during a product presentation to an animation on a 360º screen.
  3. Sound: from the background music during a network drink to supporting sound effects during a presentation.

For an optimal total experience, it is important that these three things fit together seamlessly. Power and supporting ICT facilities (such as an internet connection) are indispensable and are therefore always part of the total proposal we make for you.

AV technicians

Our AV technicians will make sure everything runs smoothly during your event. Microphones need to be on at the right time for the right speaker, video content needs to be shown at the right time and the lights need to be on and off at the right time. 

So they are an indispensable link in the preparation, construction and execution of your event. And with their specialist knowledge and experience they ensure that it will be an unforgettable experience for your visitors.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know what we can do for your event? Let us know!